5 Things to Look For in a Bicycle Frame

The bicycle frame is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. Aside from looking at the materials that you will use, you also need to look for the components of a bicycle frame. This will determine how it will be able to carry your weight for the activities that you will be doing. Hence, a cyclist looking for a good bicycle should look into the things to look for in a bicycle frame.

There are five things that you should look for in a bicycle frame. These include the weight, geometry, plain-gauge tubing, butting and welding. Knowing these things will give you a better chance in choosing the right frame for you.

Weight- The weight is very important for the bicycle frame. Since this is the framework of the bicycle, you need to consider this as an important section of a bicycle. For instance, if you want to be cycling in a very uneven terrain, then you might want the frame of your bicycle to be less heavy. This will help you navigate the terrain with ease. However, if you were only biking on a plane road, then a heavy bicycle frame wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Geometry- The geometry is also a very important aspect in choosing the bicycle frame. The choice of the geometry that you are going to adapt depends on the frequency of your biking pattern. Heavy and aggressive bikers usually adapt the head-tube angle.

This angle is 72 or 73 degrees, more or less. However, bikers other than the aggressive bikers would preferably choose a much more relaxed angle.

Plain-gauge tubing- Most manufacturers consider plain-gauge tubing as good frame tubing for your bicycle frames. This is because this type of tubing can be strong and yet easy to manufacture. This will be the one to hold the bicycle frame in its place and make your cycling an easy thing to do. But of course, this type of tubing is only suited for people who are only cycling within the town proper where the terrain can be expected.

Butting-An opposite element of the plain-gauge tubing is the butting. Typically, they have the same function, which is to interlock frame and give an additional support to the bicycle’s structure and framework. This is much lighter than the plain-gauge tubing, however, this is most appropriate for people who love to cycle in the mountains. There are four types of butting, including internal, external, double butting and triple butting. These four types of butting are very important, especially to those cyclists who would want their bicycle to be as light as possible.

Welding- The thing that will join everything together is very important to consider when it comes to the bicycle frames. You need to look for the welding process done to the bicycle. This will ensure that the bicycle will have a very good bicycle frame with all its frame tubes.

Hence, there are five things that you should look for in a bicycle frame. You have to check on its weight, geometry, plain-gauge tubing, butting and even the welding. This will ensure that you will have a good bicycle frame for better transportation.

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