Buying Replacement Parts for Your Bike

Purchasing authentic and quality parts for your bicycle can be costly considering the price of a fake component and the possible destruction. Purchasing a fake part for your bicycle may be especially tempting because of the low price and perceived value.

Even if you’re on a minimalist budget, quality is extremely important. What’s wrong with purchasing a cheaper part? Isn’t it the same as the original factory installed part?

While the part may be cheaper, the price will often reflect the quality of the part. When the original part fails or needs replacement, it’s highly recommended that you purchase an original replacement part. There are various reasons for this.

There’s little room for error when the factory parts will match the same model bike every single time. Installing imitation pieces may not only affect the performance for your bike, but the part may not fit right.

The quality of the parts is often lacking, not to mention a lack of warranty or quality guarantees that a bike manufacturer frequently offers. Original parts are going to be the best option due to the accurate dimensions and the sturdiness that is often lacking in fake products.

The next thing you should consider when you’re purchasing replacement parts is, how can you tell the difference between authentic ones and fake products?

Another consideration, you don’t always have to buy brand new parts, you may be able to find lightly used parts that are cheaper. This should be avoided unless the parts are in fact lightly used.

Depending on where you purchase these used parts, the products may be more worn and damaged than the owner indicates. The other fact is, most of the time these parts will not come with a warranty or money back guarantee. You’re essentially gambling with your money and bike’s performance.

The following tips will help you detect whether or not the replacement part is an authentic part, or an imitation part.

  • Look for indications of any labels. Most, if not all legitimate companies are proud to stamp their products with their particular brand. The trademark symbol is a representative of the many hours and effort that an individual took to get their name out there. They are required to register it at special institutions, and develop a personal logo.

Other times, it may be obvious that the replacement part is obviously fake just by examining the label. If you’re not very good at memorizing your favorite company’s logo, try printing out their logo so you have a reference to compare with side by side. The fake company may spell the legitimate company’s name wrong.

The logo may be similar but lacking in certain details. The logo may even be smudged or blurry where there are obvious alterations. Take a magnifying glass out and examine the logo carefully.

You can eliminate this step by contacting your favorite company and asking whether or not there are authorized vendors in your area. Most bike shops may proudly display their affiliation with certain companies.

So make a list of bike companies in your area and contact them individually to ask if they have the part you’re requesting available. Just be warned, the prices are often higher at these bike shops, but you can rest assured knowing that the part is authentic and you have professional staff to go back to if you ever need to troubleshoot.

  • Next, be aware of prices that seem too good to be true. Most people are eager to save a few extra bucks, especially in today’s economy. This blind ignorance can lead to a disaster if you’re not careful.

It’s fine to do your shopping online, most people do. However, if you find a replacement part that is discounted by more than 50%, you should be suspicious.

  • To take your research a step further, determine the packaging style of the authentic company. A fraudulent bike company or individual is only interested in your money and will oftentimes cut corners and save themselves money by skimping on the packaging. Some unscrupulous individuals or companies may even contain no packaging whatsoever.

Your authentic company of choice has gone through the effort and stress to become a recognized company. Usually they’ll take as much consideration into the delivery of their packaging in stride as well.

  • Finally, determine where the part was manufactured. Take notice of where the authentic company has most of the parts produced. Compare this information to the potential fake company’s details to avoid suspicious and inferior products.

Whenever you purchase replacement parts for your bike, ensure that you’re buying brand name products to ensure the quality standards. Hopefully these tips will get you back on the right path again.

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