Choosing the Right Bike Carrier for your Audi Q5

The greatest thing about an Audi Q5 apart from it classy and comfortable interior is the fact that it can get you almost anywhere and therefore, it is one of the best cars for your favorite bike riding trail.

One thing that most riders will agree with me is that it can be really frustrating when you can’t find the best way to fit the bike in your car and is even more stressful if you end up damaging you precious bike or vehicle. This therefore leads us to a discussion on cycle carriers, their strength and weaknesses


A Bike carrier is one of the best gadgets to have installed in your Audi Q5 particularly if you are fan of mountain or leisure bicycle riding. There are 3 kinds of bike carriers to select from i.e. Roof mounted bike carriers, tow bar mounted bike carriers and finally rear door mounted bike carriers. The one you select is dependent on numerous factors, the type or version of you Audi Q5, whether you have a tow bar installed and lastly what kind of tow bar you have fitted. It also depends on whether you have spare wheel on the rear of the car.

Roof mounted bike carriers

Most Audi Q5 comes with a mounted roof bars in which you can install or fix a cycle carrier, also the new 2017 audi q5  does too. The good thing about this roof bars and bike carrier is that they can be removed whenever they are not in use. Additionally, the roof bar can be used to install a roof rack or a roof box. The negative thing about this type of cycle carrier is the fact that attaching or fixing your bike to it can be quite cumbersome given the fact that you will have to lift your bicycle over the roof of the car in order attach it.

Rear door mounted bike carriers

Rear door bike carrier is another common and popular option. However, there are numerous disadvantages of this type of bike carriers.

One of them being the fact that the bike carrier can only be attached to the vehicle using straps which usually have the propensity of becoming loose and therefore, manufacturers of these types of bike carriers usually advise the owners to retighten the straps after a couple of hours.

Secondly, since the carrier doesn’t allow for tight and secure fixing/attachment, theft is also a possibility. Lastly, the vehicle rear lights and number plate could be hidden or obscured by the bike carrier. In some countries e.g. the UK this can results to point deduction or a fine on your license.

Tow bar mounted bike carriers

Tow bar mounted bike carriers are definitely the best option. They are indeed stronger than the rear door mounted bike carriers as they usually have a fixing point that you can easily attach to your car.

Most modern models like of this cycle carrier can be fixed or attached to the vehicle in less than 2 minutes. Moreover, the best tow bar mounted carrier allows you to open the boot without necessarily unloading the bikes first. They also come with fitted number plate space and a lights board. For more details I recommend you to check out a vast list of  models part of new cars in 2017 .

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