Tips On Buying Bicycle Frames

Buying and assembling your own bicycle parts in making your own personalized style bicycle may give you a lot of confusions of its functions and appearance that you wish for an output. Most especially with the bicycle frame that will be the biggest contributor of your bike’s appearance.

First thing you must do is to plan the bicycle you wish to assemble, the factors you must consider are; the shape of your bicycle, and the area where you will mostly play or use it, the texture of the road, or the places you plan to explore with the use of it.

Bicycle frames may vary in sizes, colors, and materials used that will affect its function and performance. These are tips for you to ponder to make your bicycle project a success.

The materials affect the frame and the overall performance of your bike, here are some to help you have the idea on what frame’s base material to choose Frames made with:

  •  Alloy. This is a lightweight material that is actually thicker than steel, easier to weld and formed; yet this has minimum life duration and sometimes may be you will find it stiff.
  • Steel. This is the most traditional bike frame’s material, it is consists of more spring that what the alloy has, making it a little less harsh to ride on it.
  • Carbon Fiber. This works just like a fiberglass that would really hard to be broken and bent just the same as with the titanium frame quality yet it is not advisable for a rough ride for it is a bit stiff and delicate.
  • Magnesium. This is the newest material used for a bicycle frames, this may last for such a long time but may sometimes be brittle.
  • From Titanium. This is the dream frame for most of bike enthusiasts, and this frame will never rust and is very strong that is not easily bent or broken. These are a little bit expensive for they are manifesting great quality.

Last things for you to consider are; your body size and weight, this may be a factor for your bike’s frame to work, the heavier you are, you must use a lighter yet stronger frame for you to enjoy the ride without having a hard time, also, the size of the frame, which will obviously give you the right preference whether what age and size of the person to ride.

You must also consider your intention as to whether you will use the bike for sports such as race and hiking, or just for transportation purposes.

The price also may be a great factor for you to choose a frame—better be practical, consider your budget if it would be enough in buying the frame that you wish for your bicycle.

Choose something that you will never regret, choose quality without sacrificing your budget.

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