Types of Bicycles

Purchasing the right kind of bicycle can be a little confusing to some. There really isn’t any rules dictating which bike would be best suited, but selecting the best bike for the particular individual’s interests is wise. Therefore, it’s more of a matter of purchasing the perfect bike for the consumer’s interests.

The two things that the consumer needs to keep in mind the whole time when considering purchasing the perfect bike are; what the bike is going to be used for, and the kinds of activities the consumer has in mind. Considering these two factors is important because purchasing a bike to ride to work or getting around town every day, will be a lot more different than purchasing a bike that will be used for tackling trails in the mountains.

Below you’ll find a list of the most common bikes available today and who and what they’re ideal for.

The Roadster

This is typically used by professional athlete cyclists. The Roadster is frequently used by the athletes that participate in the famous Tour de France. In the earlier years of this bikes’ creation, this bike came standard with a minimum of 10 speeds.

The advancement of today’s technology has made it possible for the Roadster to come standard with 18 available speeds to choose from. The cycling sport is more common in countries outside of North America. The United States were first introduced to the concept of a bicycle in the early 1960’s.

As mentioned, this bike is usually used for races and speed events. These bikes need to be light weight and built for speed. As a result, this is one of the fastest performing bicycles available today. They’re convenient to store and easy to maneuver due to their light weight.

With maximum weights of 15 pounds, it’s quite common to get going at high speeds of 30 miles per hour. This racing bike is quite possibly one of the most efficient uses of human power today.

The Touring Bicycle

Next up in line are the Touring bikes. How are the Tourings distinguishable against the Roasters? After the development of the Roaster, these touring bikes were quick to follow in pursuit. These bikes made it possible to get to places faster and efficiently due to various gears to choose from.

The only distinguishable difference from the first option, is the center tube framing is usually a little longer compared to the racing bike. This ensures better stability.

The tires and wheels may be noticeably wider compared to that of the Roadster bike. The stable frame of this bike makes it possible to carry additional personal items on the bike. It’s not uncommon to find bottle holders, and racks to carry some luggage on board.

The Triathlon Bike

These bikes are a prime example of athlete bikes. Typically this bike is commonly used in athletic events where the athlete is required to run, swim and race with a bike. These races are mostly endurance related, and speed isn’t a prerequisite.

A quick glance at this bike will reveal the refined design of this bike and the way it’s built to ensure maximum aerodynamics. The wheels are also designed specifically to enhance the sleek profile of this bike. The bike structure works by putting the rider in a position that makes them feel like they’re sprinting. This enables the rider to experience less fatigue.

The Mountain Bike

The mountain bike is one of the most commonly seen bikes today. It’s a multipurpose bike that can be depended on for everyday use as well as tackling challenging trails in the hills and mountains.

One of the most distinguishable features of this bike is the included suspension system that is designed to absorb the rider’s weight during high impact on the trails. Some of the time, the bicycle will include a front suspension, but most bikes will come with a dual suspension for both the front and back parts of the bike.

By taking the time to determine your specific needs and the activities you intend to do with your bike, you can avoid purchasing the wrong bike for your particular needs.

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